about academia

In culpa est animus qui se non effugit unquam

That mind is at fault which never escapes itself

Bahrî olmadan gevher bulunmaz~Sen sende iken menzil alınmaz…

This Virtual Academy is for all those who thirst for knowledge. As articulated by the motto, “that mind is at fault which never escapes itself”. That is, whenever you wish to enlarge the scope of your knowledge or to illuminate your spirit with some taste of art or knowledge, then you may  see what this site offers to your soul . If you check the tabs you shall find out that they include every branch of knowledge:  art, religious wisdom, science, philosophy, history and gnostic knowledge. It has many useful resources if you click some sub-items of different tabs.

And one tab of this website, named  “works by Şahin Uçar”,  contains  the older, personal website of Prof. Dr. Şahin Uçar which  shows everything pertaining to his works.