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the theory of groups and quantum mechanics. h. weyl,%20Robertson%20-%20The%20Theory%20Of%20Groups%20&%20Quantum%20Mechanics.pdf
Identity and Individuality in Quantum Theory

Notes on the First Chapter of The Continuum: Intension, Extension, and Arithmetism

for photon j (j =1, 2), the former representing (in Dirac’s notation) a state in which the photon 1 isphotons are integral spin particles. Neither photon 1 nor photon 2 is in a definite polarization state whenrepresents vertical polarization. Each photon pair is produced from a photon of a laser beam by the down-conversion
Abner Shimony
other. Suppose that Alice receives an additional photon in an unknown state of polarization $\ket{u}$, photons in her possession that will transform Bob’s photon into one of four states, depending on the four photons in her possession, and disentangles Bob’s photon, steering it into a state $\ket{u^*}$. After Alice
Jeffrey Bub
emitted radiation is a photon, surprisingly Bohr himself was quite skeptical of the photon concept up until of the photon. For these historical reasons, care needs to be exercised in invoking thephoton conceptinteresting that Bohr’s initial rejection of the photon concept was also tied to the importance of being
Alisa Bokulich
to time precisely the release (in the box) of a photon with determinate energy. If this were feasible,Bohr’s objections to it, evolved into a different photon-in-a-box experiment, one that allows an observerdetermine either the momentum or the position of the photon indirectly, while remaining outside, sitting on
Arthur Fine
then be considered as a collision of at least one photon with the electron. In such a collision, the electronis determined, that is, at the instant when the photon is scattered by the electron, the electron undergoesOn the other hand, the direction of a scattered photon, when it enters the microscope, is unknown within
Jan Hilgevoord and Jos Uffink
does not induce reductions on photon states and, finally, since the photon states immediately overlap, the eye of a human being one puts in front of the photon beams a spark chamber or a device leading to the15083. Adler, S. and Ramazanoglu, F.M., 2007, “Photon emission rate from atomic systems in the CSL model
Giancarlo Ghirardi
Einstein’s definition of a photon really solved since the momentum of the photon as a particle depends on. He was curious to know in which direction the photon decided to move off from the electron. Between
Jan Faye
hand, should be equal to the energy of the emitted photon. Thus, Rainville et al. test ΔE = Δmc2 by makingthe frequency, and hence energy, of the emitted photon. Rainville et al. report that their measurements
Francisco Fernflores
from the background radiation. This requires a photon with energy much higher than the mean energy ofof the blackbody spectrum, so ℏ ν ≫ k T. A photon must be used whose energy is greater than the energy
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Cone First, there are the points from which a photon (travelling at speed c, of course) may reach OO or which (like A) may be reached by a photon from O. We say that these points are lightlike separated
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