classification of disciplines

7 pillars  of wisdom that withstand 7 different human experience

My classification of disciplines according to the viewpoints  used by them:

I discern 7  different viewpoints used by 7 primary disciplines to convey a worldview, a “weltanschauung”. Because of using different viewpoints, every discipline has its own different method of understanding with a limited perspective and a defined scope of the investigation reserved for them. That is why I classify disciplines according to their special viewpoints, i.e., which perspective and method should be used by a discipline to clarify and define its subject, and as a result, what could be the distinct character and meaning of that discipline, and its special “weltanschauung”.

ART: introspection

RELIGION: extrospection: religious orientation

MYSTICISM: introspection: a perspective by intension

PHILOSOPHY: inspection

HISTORY: retrospection

SCIENCE : prospection

PHILOSOPHY of HISTORY: conspection



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