biography (’dan)

Şahin Uçar,  MüzisyenYazarŞair

Poet and writer (b. 12 February 1949, Acıyurt / Sivas). He graduated from 4 Eylül High School and Istanbul University, Department of History (1972). His PhD thesis was Arapların Anadolu Seferleri / 640-750 (Anatolian Expeditions of the Arabs / 640-750, 1983). He worked as a music teacher at the school from which he graduated (1974). He became an specialist of Paleography and Epigraphy at Ankara University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Turkish Language and Literature (1976), an assistant of Islamic History at the Department of History (1977), an assistant professor at Selçuk University (1983) and then became an associate professor (1988). Afterwards he continued his career at Niğde University, Faculty of Literature and became professor of history (1993). He became a director of the Institute of Social Sciences (1977) and the Head of the Department of History. He was also vice dean and deputy rector at same university. He retired in 1998. Afterwards he worked as a manager at the Turkish Religious Foundation for a time. He is a member of National Geographic Society (the United States), the Writers Union of Turkey and the Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Work Owners of Turkey.

His first article Orda Bir Köy Var Uzakta (There is a Village Faraway) was published in the newspaper Hizmet in 1967 and his other works have been published in publications such as Tohum, Yeşilay (1970), Hergün (1978), Yeni Düşünce (1987), Millî Eğitim, Millî Kültür, İlim ve Sanat, Türk Edebiyatı and S. Ü. Edebiyat Dergisi. He won the Writers Union of Turkey Thought Award with his work Tarih Felsefesi Açısından İslâmda Mülk ve Hilâfet (Property and the Caliphate in Relation the Philosophy of History) in 1992 and Varlığın Mana ve Mazmunu (The Meaning and Explanation of Existence) in 1995. He is also interested in calligraphy, gilding and music. Some of his compositions have been added to the repertoire of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.


POETRY: Şeydâ Divanı (Divan* of Şeyda, 1980), Rüya ve Gerçek (The Dream and the Reality, play in verse, as an appendix to the first edition of “The Collected Poems of Şeyda”, 1980), Hüküm Gecesi (Judgment Night, 1992), Malihulya (Melancholy, 1996).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Patterns and Trends in History (1986), Anadolu’da İslâm-Bizans Mücadelesi (The Fight Between Islam and Byzantium in Anatolia, 1990), Tarih Felsefesi Açısından İslâmda Mülk ve Hilâfet (Property and the Caliphate in Relation to the Philosophy of History, 1992), Tarih Felsefesi Yazıları (Commentary on the Philosophy of History, 1994), Varlığın Mânâ ve Mazmunu (The Meaning and Explanation of Existence, 1995), Tarih Felsefesi Meseleleri (Issues of the Philosophy of History, 1997), İnsanın Yeryüzü Macerası (The Earth Adventure of Mankind, 2003).

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